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kilronan2No archaeological finds of any significance came to light, apart from a number of anchors of 18th and 19th century date unattached to vessels.

Though little was found, the Killeany Bay area of Inis Mór is of high archaeological potential as it is in this area of the island that most of the archaeological sites of Inis Mór are concentrated. There are a number of ecclesiastical sites on Inis Mór. Leaba Rónáin or Teaghlach Rónáin (GA111-013) is a square drystone building or enclosure. The site appears on the 1st and 2nd edition OS maps labelled 'atharla' suggesting a burial ground but there is no evidence of one. The name Leaba Rónáin or Teaghlach Rónáin might suggest that it is on or close to the site of an early medieval monastery of which nothing is known. This site is located approximately 0.7km north of Kilronan pier. A holy well (GA111-012) known as Tobar Rónáin lies 45m west of Leaba Rónáin.

The 6th century monastery of St. Ciaran lies approximately 2km northwest of Leaba Rónáin. The site is known locally as Teampall Chiaráin. There are three buildings associated with this church in ruins and are thought to have been used as administrative and domestic quarters by the monks. Another monastery of 6th century date is located 1.7km south of Kilronan pier and is known as St. Enda's. A Franciscan friary of 15th century date lies 1.8km south of Kilronan pier.



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